Amateur Radio Webpage of Heinz-Josef Pick, 55442 Stromberg, Germany

EME — Earth-Moon-Earth Communication

Radio communication can be performed using the Moon as reflector for the electromagnetic waves (see e.g. EME at Wikipedia).

In August 2007 we installed 2 cross polarized yagis on the roof for EME:


Last updated on April 24th, 2008

Antenna system:


2 x M2 2MXP20 10 Element Yagi

Boom length: 6.60 m

Spacing: 3.8 m

Total Gain: 16.3 db over dipole


Azimuth/Elevation Rotor Alfaspid RAS



In total 200 different EME stations were contacted with this antenna by February 2008 on the 2m band (144 MHz).


The most distant station was ZL2DX, Chris Hannagan, New Zealand.


The smallest station contacted so far is GM4VVX in Scotland, who is using a single 10 element yagi and 400 watts.


Other SINGLE YAGI stations were:

RA3WDK in Kursk, Russia, 13 element yagi, 400 W

5B4AD/p on Cyprus, 16 element yagi, 600 watts

I3LDP in Italy, 15 element, 1 KW

K0AWU in MN, USA,  13 element yagi, 800 watts

W0GHZ in MN, USA, 17 element yagi,1 KW

W9JN in Wisconsin, USA, 10m long yagi, 800 watts

YO3DMU in Romania, 16 element yagi, 1 KW

PA4EME in The Netherlands, 13 element yagi, 1200 watts


About 80 % of all EME stations were using 4 yagis or more!